The 10th Annual Del Close Marathon Live Blog-a-thon: Saturday

Shows seen today: Rondo, Pass The Mic, MakeOut Clinic, Mailer Demon: Our Nuts Are Full, Hot Sauce, Penny, Derrick, The 1986 Mets’ Extravaganza, No Posers, To Catch A Predator: Improv Edition Volume 2, Working Girls, Worst Heckle Ever, UCBW: Kicking Ass and Taking Suggestions, Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz

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The 10th Annual Del Close Marathon Live Blog-a-thon: Friday

Cleaning up the posts  and putting them behind breaks because I shall be adding photos. Shows seen today: Police Chief Rumble, Mantzoukas Brothers, Tracers, The Stepfathers, The Signatures, Bangs, Tucker Max, and Glaser & Walsh.

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Kids in the Hall on Tour

The Kids in the Hall, one of my favorite all time sketch groups, are making a stop in New York City this weekend for their 2008 reunion tour! This is AWESOME news. The tickets are a bit pricey but I plan on attending Friday nights show.

In tribute to this event I will post a YouTube clip of one of my favorite sketches of theirs. “I’m crushing your head!” Tour Dates after the jump.

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The Upright Citizens Brigade to serve up annual dose of mass rejection

Anthony King, the artistic director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, announced today that the UCB will be holding their annual open-call Harold Team auditions for any student that has completed up through Level 401 in their training program. 

As the theater continues to grow so does it’s popularity.  Every year auditioning has become much more competitive as upwards towards 300+ people will be trying out (don’t hold me to that… I’m guessing). 

Will I be trying out?  Yes, I plan on it.  But if there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my time studying and performing improv for the past 2+ yrs in New York City it’s that the depth of talent is vast.  I could name upwards towards 50 people a lone that all very much deserve to make a theaters house team.  Improvisers here in New York are very determined and work very hard.  Alas, only 8 spots are available on a team.  It’s possible that 2 or 3 more will be placed on existing teams but that’s never a given.  I’d crap my pants just to get called back. 

Remember to initiate hard!  “Yes and” the hell out of your scene partner.  Keep a good attitude and do not go into it with a desperate feeling.  All easier said than done of course.  To everyone in the New York City community, I wish you good luck!  

Specific details a click away…

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The Project comes to an end


The New York City improv scene wept quietly this past Sunday as The Project, a popular comepetitive improv show, came to an end at The Peoples Improv TheaterThe Project (created and hosted by Terry Jinn), in it’s own words is a longform improv comedy show where 3 teams out of a league of 8 perform on Sunday nights each vying for your vote.  The bottom 2 are eliminated at the end of the season to make way for two new teams!  The Project wasn’t always competitive but instead changed with the times for about 3.5 years. 

 I was lucky enough to become involved with the project in late 2006 / early 2007.  My team “Fiefdom” played for three seasons before getting eliminated.  The Project had incredible shows and amazing performers from all backgrounds.  I’m still semi new to the NYC comedy scene, so performing some of these shows especially early on was intimidating at first.  It was my first opportunity to be apart of shows that had people that I’ve watched and respected so much. It really gave me a chance to really grow (wow I sound corny now). 

I think the roster of people involved speaks for itself.  I will list it after the jump.  It’s pretty amazing. Thanks again to Terry for running such a fun show and if you’re interested… check out the thread on the ImprovResourceCenter message board that takes a look back.  

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You’re in New York City this weekend? Go see TJ & Dave

This is an improv/sketch comedy blog right? Right!?

Well, I would be doing the blogging industry a disservice if I did not mention the fact that TJ & Dave will be performing at the Barrow Street Theater on Friday March 28th & Saturday the 29th at 10pm and also Sunday the 30th at 9pm.

TJ & Dave are TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi. They are from Chicago and many would argue that this is the best long-form improvisation that one can experience right now. I will be planning on making my reservations for Sunday if they are still available. For real readers, prepare to have your mind blown.

Oh, this is my first post on this blog by the way. Hello, world! (programming reference).