We Hunger for Bloggers!

Hey everyone, this is an open invitation to join the Blagofaire, while Chris and I are doing a fine job posting up articles, it take some time to post for us and we don’t always have that much time to post something during the day and there is so much great comedy news out there that we don’t know about, and thats where you guys come in.

Now this isn’t for many of you, but this is targeted at the few people who are interested in blogging, perhaps they already have a blog of their own already where they write whats on their mind grapes, but maybe they would like to write about comedy news, what it’s like being in a sketch/improv group, or what goes into being a standup comedian, shows they’ve just seen and would like to review and tell people about, etc.

If that applies to any of you then your invited to be a contributor to the the HAROLDcast blog, just send an email to alexerde AT gmail DOT com with the subject “I want to write for the HAROLDcast”