Chris Camp is Right #1

On March 28th, Chris Camp posted a plug telling you how great TJ Jagodowski & Dave Pasquesi are. Fast forward to today while I’m listening to my favorite movie review podcast from Chicago, Filmspotting, and it’s newest episode “FS #203: Stop-Loss / All About My Mother / Top 5 Up-and-Coming Actors” and right at the end of their top 5 list of “Up and Coming Actors” it happened, but just see for yourself below…

  Adam Matty
1. Channing Tatum Dan Fogler
2. Matt O’Leary Dallas Roberts
3. Anamaria Marinca Brendan Fletcher / Sara Ramirez
4. Charlie Hunnam Jeremy Renner
5. Melonie Diaz T.J. Jagodowski

Well that’s one point for Chris Camp…

You’re in New York City this weekend? Go see TJ & Dave

This is an improv/sketch comedy blog right? Right!?

Well, I would be doing the blogging industry a disservice if I did not mention the fact that TJ & Dave will be performing at the Barrow Street Theater on Friday March 28th & Saturday the 29th at 10pm and also Sunday the 30th at 9pm.

TJ & Dave are TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi. They are from Chicago and many would argue that this is the best long-form improvisation that one can experience right now. I will be planning on making my reservations for Sunday if they are still available. For real readers, prepare to have your mind blown.

Oh, this is my first post on this blog by the way. Hello, world! (programming reference).