Podcast Picks

Good Starter Podcasts

  • You Look Nice Today
    • This show is why the internet exists, a truly funny show on all levels, no purpose what so ever, and that is fine with me.
  • This American Life
    • Great Great Show, just try it out
  • The Moth
    • People telling personal stories that are hilarious/sad/uplifting, truly great stuff.
  • Diggnation
    • Great video podcast for news from the website Digg, great podcast, just 2 guys sitting back having a beer and going over the news
  • Filmspotting
    • Great film discussion podcast with a new top 5 list of diffent movie things, like top 5 movies in london, etc
  • Coverville: The Cover Music Podcast
    • A music covers podcast, great stuff you can find an artist you like very easily, very knowledgable host about music
  • The Acapodcast
    • Acapella Music podcast, if your into it
  • Ask A Ninja
    • Hilarious video of a ninja answering questions, enjoy.

Incredibly Geeky Podcasts

  • Geekson
    • Whole lot of geeks discuss general topics of geekdom in a intelligent forum of discussion, all very funny, the last episode they did they had Joss Whedon as a special guest and talked about Robots in Sci Fi and such
  • The Totally Rad Show
    • 3 Best friends review movies, television, and videogames. all filmed and hilarious
  • This Week in TECH and MacBreak Weekly
    • Both are great news show for tech news in the world from mister Leo Laporte
  • The Stack, from Pulp Secret
    • Amazing hilarious video podcast, the guys review comics for the week and also can be seen live.
  • iFanboy
    • another Comic video podcast, long episodes about certain comics, writers, etc
  • WNYC’s Radio Lab
    • very interesting podcast about aspects of science, amazing soundscapes and audio editing

For Gamers Only

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