RIP: George Carlin 1937-2008

“Carlin, who had a history of heart problems, died at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica about 6 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. EDT) after being admitted earlier in the afternoon for chest pains…” – Reuters

Comedy Link Round Up / Future Show Notes

Funny Videos

Dave Hill: Jedi Master – Dave Hill


10th Annual Del Close Marathon August 8-10 2008

Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival

Paul Sills, a founder of Second City, dies at 80

Soce Featured on the Apiary

Amy Poehler Takes Viral Marketing Very Seriously

Kristen Schaal Kills Australia, Wins Top Prize at Melbourne Comedy Festival

GTA4 Makes With The Funny

Gamers debated which comedians should be in the game

Ricky Gervais performance at GTA IV’s Split Sides

Katt Williams performs in GTA 4

Lazlow talks about writing the game’s comedy

GTA’s talk radio station WKTT

The New UCB Theater Harold Team Line-Ups For 2008

Thanks to Ben at the Improvoker blog for pointing out of this piece of information in his blog post “The UCB Theatre Announces New Harold Teams”

“The biggest news is the reshuffling of 1985 and the remaining members of fwänd into two separate groups – The Law Firm and Amazon Tusk. I think it also bears pointing out that UCB has granted one of our biggest requests of a mostly female group Sensual Ha, which from outward appearances looks pretty incredible. Sensual Ha also features Pat Baer, the longtime tech and dude in charge for keeping things running at the Theater. Returning faces of Eddie Dunn, Nate Lang, Brian Berrebbi, and the incomparable Jeff Hiller are a welcome addition back. Bastian and Decoster are the only two teams unaffected by the reshuffling.” – Ben Whitehouse, The Improvoker

Check below for the lineup…

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Comic-Con happened…

Special thanks to improv group Start Trekkin (Myspace) for being such awesome willing volunteers.

Yeah I know, big surprise huh? It was “super” and I had a blast, I went for a lot of reasons, but what cemented it of course was the appearance of Jonathan Coulton


I also decided to do this photo project for school where I would try and recreate as many possible classic moments with people in costume for me to photograph, it was quite a sucess, as you can see from above.

But besides comics there was some appearances by some people in comedy and podcasting including MC Chris and Scott Adsit of 30 Rock who was interviewed by the guys from the Comic Book Club

Plug-A-Podcast: Improvisors and their Podcasts

Well it’s obvious but Chris Camp and I are big fans of improv and comedy in general, Chris improvises with his groups Fiefdom and Dayjob, and I take classes when I have the chance. I’m also a big fan of podcasts if that isn’t obvious also, this is why I’m going to take the time to plug and link to two great podcasts for this first segment on Plug-A-Podcast:

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Tracy Morgan gets “Real” with Cornell

I’m going to once again preface this post with my fanboy love of course for the show 30 Rock and that Brian Fellows on Saturday Night Live was hysterically funny to the younger me. Thats why I jumped to attention when one of the photo assignments for my school paper the Binghamton Pipe Dream was to photograph Tracy Morgan during his live performance at Cornell University, to say I was just excited would be the understatement of the week. I would get to kill a couple birds with one road trip, I would be able to see some stand up comedy, get some photography in for the Pipe Dream, and have something to talk about and review on the blog and the podcast.

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Kids in the Hall on Tour

The Kids in the Hall, one of my favorite all time sketch groups, are making a stop in New York City this weekend for their 2008 reunion tour! This is AWESOME news. The tickets are a bit pricey but I plan on attending Friday nights show.

In tribute to this event I will post a YouTube clip of one of my favorite sketches of theirs. “I’m crushing your head!” Tour Dates after the jump.

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