The HAROLDcast: The Del Close Marathon Preperation Geekout Spectacular Podcast

This has to be my fastest Podcast ever, recorded/edited/put up in a period of one Wedneday night. This special Podcast Episode features a special guest also! That guest is John Robert Wilson of the improv groups Thank You, Robot and The Spin; John can also be seen as the wrestler hatfield in the UCBW.

The HAROLDcast #8 – Escape from Long Island: The Christopher Camp Story

This is a very very very very late podcast, Chris and I recorded this the night before the iPhone release just so you know how truly dated this podcast is.

What is on this show:

Soce Featured on the Apiary

Kristen Schaal Kills Australia, Wins Top Prize at Melbourne Comedy Festival

Plug-A-Podcast: Improvisors and their Podcasts

Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival

10th Annual Del Close Marathon August 8-10 2008

Paul Sills, a founder of Second City, dies at 80

The New UCB Theater Harold Team Line-Ups For 2008

And find out about the fight of the century between Chris Camp and some Douchebag (Image reenacted)

Chris Camp is Right #1

On March 28th, Chris Camp posted a plug telling you how great TJ Jagodowski & Dave Pasquesi are. Fast forward to today while I’m listening to my favorite movie review podcast from Chicago, Filmspotting, and it’s newest episode “FS #203: Stop-Loss / All About My Mother / Top 5 Up-and-Coming Actors” and right at the end of their top 5 list of “Up and Coming Actors” it happened, but just see for yourself below…

  Adam Matty
1. Channing Tatum Dan Fogler
2. Matt O’Leary Dallas Roberts
3. Anamaria Marinca Brendan Fletcher / Sara Ramirez
4. Charlie Hunnam Jeremy Renner
5. Melonie Diaz T.J. Jagodowski

Well that’s one point for Chris Camp…

Episode 6 “The ECNY Awards and The End of the Strike”

On this HAROLDcast Matt Fried joins Chris Camp and Del Far as they all talk about the ECNY Awards, go over the rundown of when and how many new episodes of television shows will come back, and how happy we are that the strike is over.

Outline and Links below
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Episode 5 – Live Coverage of Improv Everywhere’s No Pants 2008 Subway Ride

No Pants
Photo by Ari_NYC
On this special episode of the Haroldcast I do live interviews with participants of the No Pants 2008 NYC Subway Ride including: Amy, Eddie, Ari, Jamie, Molly, Chad Nicholson, Zach Linder, and Charlie Todd

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Episode 4 “HEY! Listen!”

On this episode of the Haroldcast: Halloween Costumes, Game Reviews, rental costs for A Capella Groups to follow us around, , Time traveling, and the Writers Guild of America Strike

You can still download the podcast straight from our Talkshoe host and you can also subscribe to us on iTunes, just search for “Haroldcast”

Dino Chris Camp

Episode 3 “On The Internet No One Can Hear You Naked”

Zombie Yoga

(Photo by Zodak)

On this episode of the Haroldcast we have two new co-hosts, Cory Cavin and Ben Whitehouse, joining Del Far and Chris Camp to discuss such topics as:

Episode 2 “Ch-ch-ch-changes!”

Knight rider Car

It’s Chris Camp and Del Far again for this episode, and on this episode of the Haroldcast: The return of Knight Rider, Human Giant hungers for extras, the end of Mo Pitkins, and all the Improv team roster changes at the UCB.

You can still download it straight from our Talkshoe host and you can also subscribe to us on iTunes, just search for “Haroldcast” Continue reading

Episode 1 “The Beginning…ing”

On this episode of the HAROLDcast Del Far and Chris Camp talk about The Del Close Marathon (and coverage from Improvoker and The Apiary), Comedians Speaking at the 92nd Street Y, The Small Improv Immigration to LA, The Fall Television Releases, A Very Brady Lesbian Affair, some of our favorite teams and picks of upcoming events. Continue reading