Tracy Morgan gets “Real” with Cornell

I’m going to once again preface this post with my fanboy love of course for the show 30 Rock and that Brian Fellows on Saturday Night Live was hysterically funny to the younger me. Thats why I jumped to attention when one of the photo assignments for my school paper the Binghamton Pipe Dream was to photograph Tracy Morgan during his live performance at Cornell University, to say I was just excited would be the understatement of the week. I would get to kill a couple birds with one road trip, I would be able to see some stand up comedy, get some photography in for the Pipe Dream, and have something to talk about and review on the blog and the podcast.

Well the only thing I came back with is the realization of how important writers were to making Tracy Morgan seem funny at all, and that when Tracy Morgan says he’s “going to be real with you guys,” that’s a bad thing! He came out and started talking about sex, because “that’s what college students are into,” and granted, we are, but we do have other many other interests. And after about 20 minutes, it was obvious that the man had nothing actually planned, he had no set, had not thought of anything to actually talk about, and was already repeating things he had said.

Things that were mentioned was the last time he had performed at Cornell and had sex with one of the female students who he described as being “coked up” and how his dog has barged in while he was masturbating. More “great” stories like these followed for most of the hour and fifteen minutes that he was on, I’ll also take the time to point out that he was supposed to be on for a whole 90 minutes and decided to just leave the stage feeling that he “entertained” us enough.

Now I know I’m being harsh with this review, but I feel that I’m allowed to be, because I gave him a chance. I STAYED the whole time, the actual reporter for the story left after about 40 minutes telling me he was going to look for his girlfriend who left after about 20 minutes.

And I’ll admit it, I resorted to heckling at about the hour mark, and while it wasn’t exactly heckling (I didn’t boo or give any sass) I did try and steer his thoughts into a more interesting direction. When I first saw him do stand up on comedy central, he was hilarious and thoughtful, and he talked about what it was like being on SNL and how he got his big chance and what it was like coming back home after becoming famous. It was interesting and I wanted to hear more of that, he’s on 30 Rock now, he’s even more popular now since he’s on an award winning show like that.

I imagine that most of audience, at least more than half, has seen him on 30 Rock or his run on Saturday Night Live. And at around the beginning when he mentioned the word MILF, I got excited because I thought he was going to talk about MILF Island and 30 Rock, but he didn’t, he kept talking about sex and I was miserable because that chance had passed. That’s why after about an hour of him talking about how much he loves sex and he got back to the point where he mentioned the word “MILF,” I yelled “MILF ISLAND” and he then he laughed and said “Yeah people like that don’t they,” and I’m not lying when I say that the whole audience cheered louder than they laughed the whole time. He went from that to mentioning that he had fun on SNL also, and mentioned two characters, Brian Fellows and Spaceman Jones, the audience cheered even louder after he mentioned each name. This didn’t last long as he quickly went back to talking about sex and then left the stage early

I’m not sure yet, but after seeing Chevy Chase as a monologueist at the UCB Theater and now Tracy Morgan doing standup at Cornell, I’m recognizing a certain pattern thats appearing, but I’ll need to see some more older famous comedians before I can present my hypothesis.

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