There’s always money in the banana stand!

I’ve mentioned on this podcast multiple times that Arrested Development may very well be my favorite sitcom of all time.  This coming from a guy that stood by Seinfeld for years and years and years.  Anyway, a friend of mine passed a long some news that Jason Bateman confirmed talks of filming a major motion picture of this amazing show.  This as reported on Yahoo! Entertainment. 

 While the prospect of this excites me greatly, I’m also a little bit nervous that a movie done “the wrong way” can ruin something that is already so great.  Maybe Arrested Development doesn’t NEED this.  Maybe it should just be left a lone to our own devices.  We can all have our own mini episodes playing in our head of what happens after that terrific series finale. 

 I really shouldn’t doubt Ron Howard and Mitch Hurwitz though.  Crossing fingers now. 


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