Episode 2 “Ch-ch-ch-changes!”

Knight rider Car

It’s Chris Camp and Del Far again for this episode, and on this episode of the Haroldcast: The return of Knight Rider, Human Giant hungers for extras, the end of Mo Pitkins, and all the Improv team roster changes at the UCB.

You can still download it straight from our Talkshoe host and you can also subscribe to us on iTunes, just search for “Haroldcast”Also we received our first listener email, its a correction, thank you Annie! and everyone should feel free to email us at mr.delfar@yahoo.com with your thoughts on the show and if you would like to join us for an episode recording.

And now for the Corrections for this episode already from Annie and Mike(so nice and quick!)

-Bridie (pronounce br’eye-dee, not briddie) Harrington moved to the west coast a month or so ago. She was not “removed” from the team.

-Jeffrey Marx replaced Susannah Becket, who is moving to Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Chris Kula.

-Jim Santangeli replaced Adam Pally on Beverly Hills a few months ago after Adam had to be in L.A. for a two-month stretch.

-And, yes, Will Hines was formerly of Monkeydick.

-The lawyer got eaten on the toilet. Jeff Goldblum played Dr. Ian Malcolm, the mathematician and chaos theorist who survived to the end and returned for the third movie with a black child.

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