The 10th Annual Del Close Marathon Live Blog-a-thon: Sunday


8:58am I took like an hour nap and woke up in time to see Fat Penguin perform an awesome mono scene about john edwards, very nice job. Kromf Breakfast prep beginning.

10:30am Walked back over from Urban Stages, left Kromf to see “Hot For Gym Teacher,” which had two people from my improv classes from last two summers, Tim De La Motte was not there though, Brandon did an awesome job though, and I stayed to see “Bad Luck Rising presents ‘The Hot Board'” because Matt Fried was in the cast, he of course did not make an appearance which made for two shows in a row with people I came to see who did not show up to perform. Officially settled into the UCB Theater for the rest of the marathon and now have the power squid plugged in on the side, not sure how long till someone notices and the reaction, I can now be a little more verbose in my blogging, and will be adding more to the official timeline of the show that I did not have to time to blog about at the time due to circumstances

11:00am Moonshine is on and the suggestion is polygamy.

11:30am Moonshine ended, lots of great performances, Ben was hilarious, but his sister Amy was probably the least shy improvisor of the group, the girl did not hesistate to join a scene or walk out to start one, she did a great job as well so it worked.

1:55 Cheetarah Performing, Jeff Hiller’s mind visibly blown.

5:50 Scheer McBrayer is always awesome!

7:30 Scored a Front Row seat to Asscat, totally pumped.

The 10th Annual Del Close Marathon Live Blog-a-thon: Saturday

Shows seen today: Rondo, Pass The Mic, MakeOut Clinic, Mailer Demon: Our Nuts Are Full, Hot Sauce, Penny, Derrick, The 1986 Mets’ Extravaganza, No Posers, To Catch A Predator: Improv Edition Volume 2, Working Girls, Worst Heckle Ever, UCBW: Kicking Ass and Taking Suggestions, Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz

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The 10th Annual Del Close Marathon Live Blog-a-thon: Friday

Cleaning up the posts  and putting them behind breaks because I shall be adding photos. Shows seen today: Police Chief Rumble, Mantzoukas Brothers, Tracers, The Stepfathers, The Signatures, Bangs, Tucker Max, and Glaser & Walsh.

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List of Things I’m Bringing with me for Three full days at the Del Close Marathon

A very important thing to consider for surviving the Del Close Marathon is having a good go bag I’m not saying I have a good one at all, but this is just how I’m preparing, it’s still a work in progress, but have you considered if your packing everything you need because I still am and I know I shall forget something.

  1. Myself (I’m really tired already, so give me a break, I know this isn’t funny)
  2. Laptop (To live blog this whole thing, or attempt to do so)
  3. iPhone (To live blog when my laptop is too awkward, noticeable, and rude to have out and it would be easier to do it stealthier)
  4. Canon 40d with 50mm 1.8 f-stop lens and other camera equipment (To photograph as much as possible)
  5. Flip Video Camera and batteries (Perhaps I can manage some on the street interviews or record some of the crazier morning shows)
  6. iPod, Headphones, and DS lite (For all the times I’ll be waiting on line at any of the theaters)
  7. Water Bottle
  8. Deodorant (I’ll be smelling very “earthy” after not going home for 2 nights straight)
  9. Every possible charger for every piece of tech I’m bringing and my power squid power strip (I’ve had to steal power from the UCB theater a couple of times I’ve gone to the DCM because eventually after the 1st day your equipment will lose there charge, and this year i’m going to be considerate and not try and hog an outlet)
  10. Tiny flashlight (for getting around the theater easily and for also just getting around outside in the dark at 3am)
  11. Regular Medication, Visine, and Advil (first time I tried to stay for all three days I got horrible headaches and had incredibly dry eyes even before Krompf’s considerate cooking, let’s try and avoid that this time, shall we?)

The HAROLDcast: The Del Close Marathon Preperation Geekout Spectacular Podcast

This has to be my fastest Podcast ever, recorded/edited/put up in a period of one Wedneday night. This special Podcast Episode features a special guest also! That guest is John Robert Wilson of the improv groups Thank You, Robot and The Spin; John can also be seen as the wrestler hatfield in the UCBW.

The HAROLDcast #8 – Escape from Long Island: The Christopher Camp Story

This is a very very very very late podcast, Chris and I recorded this the night before the iPhone release just so you know how truly dated this podcast is.

What is on this show:

Soce Featured on the Apiary

Kristen Schaal Kills Australia, Wins Top Prize at Melbourne Comedy Festival

Plug-A-Podcast: Improvisors and their Podcasts

Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival

10th Annual Del Close Marathon August 8-10 2008

Paul Sills, a founder of Second City, dies at 80

The New UCB Theater Harold Team Line-Ups For 2008

And find out about the fight of the century between Chris Camp and some Douchebag (Image reenacted)

We Never Write, We Never Call

Heya folks, sorry for not posting lately, i’ve been busy with work but I’m going to get a big post up for the Del Close marathon and I’m gonna attempt to stay for the whole marathon and liveblog it as well, I may regret this…

It might not be that hard with the wordpress iPhone app that I’ve downloaded and used for this post, it’s very nice…


RIP: George Carlin 1937-2008

“Carlin, who had a history of heart problems, died at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica about 6 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. EDT) after being admitted earlier in the afternoon for chest pains…” – Reuters

Comedy Link Round Up / Future Show Notes

Funny Videos

Dave Hill: Jedi Master – Dave Hill


10th Annual Del Close Marathon August 8-10 2008

Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival

Paul Sills, a founder of Second City, dies at 80

Soce Featured on the Apiary

Amy Poehler Takes Viral Marketing Very Seriously

Kristen Schaal Kills Australia, Wins Top Prize at Melbourne Comedy Festival

GTA4 Makes With The Funny

Gamers debated which comedians should be in the game

Ricky Gervais performance at GTA IV’s Split Sides

Katt Williams performs in GTA 4

Lazlow talks about writing the game’s comedy

GTA’s talk radio station WKTT

The New UCB Theater Harold Team Line-Ups For 2008

Thanks to Ben at the Improvoker blog for pointing out of this piece of information in his blog post “The UCB Theatre Announces New Harold Teams”

“The biggest news is the reshuffling of 1985 and the remaining members of fwänd into two separate groups – The Law Firm and Amazon Tusk. I think it also bears pointing out that UCB has granted one of our biggest requests of a mostly female group Sensual Ha, which from outward appearances looks pretty incredible. Sensual Ha also features Pat Baer, the longtime tech and dude in charge for keeping things running at the Theater. Returning faces of Eddie Dunn, Nate Lang, Brian Berrebbi, and the incomparable Jeff Hiller are a welcome addition back. Bastian and Decoster are the only two teams unaffected by the reshuffling.” – Ben Whitehouse, The Improvoker

Check below for the lineup…

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